Marcos Catalan


  • Doctor în drept, summa cum laude, Largo do São Francisco Faculty of Law, University of São Paulo.
  • Postdoctoral internship, Mediterranean International Center for Human Rights Research (2020-2021).

Activitate profesională:

  • Profesor universitar, Law and Society PhD Program at La Salle University in Brazil;
  • Visiting scholar at the Istituto Universitario di Architettura di Venezia (2015-2016), Facultat de Dret of the Universitat de Barcelona (2015-2016).
  • Editor of the Law and Society Electronic Journal.
  • Leader of the Research Group Social Theories of Law.
  • Co-founder of the Research Network Agendas de Direito Civil Constitutional.
  • Director of Brasilcon (2020-2021).
  • Adviser lawyer.


ORCID Code: 0000-0002-4775-7161